Newport Beach, Orange County, CA Braille Signs

Newport Beach, Orange County, CA Braille Signs

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Braille Signs, Newport Beach, Orange County, CA provides custom Braille signs for Newport Beach, Orange County, CA businesses, Orange County new construction projects, and ADA signs with Braille and tactile raised lettering.  ADA compliant Braille Signs are available for Orange County clients.  We manufacture Braille signs for Orange County projects, in-house and provide fast turnaround, in-house Braille sign design, and custom sizes and colors to meet the architect’s demand anywhere in Newport Beach, Orange County, CA.

The American Disability Act requires all Orange County properties to have Braille reading restroom signs, room signs, and ADA compatible directional Braille signs.  Our domed Braille dots meet the demanding requirements of Newport Beach, Orange County, CA legal requirements.

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Braille Signs provide facility information in Braille for the visually impaired and in bold letters and graphics for those who are not. There are many Braille Signs from which to choose. Braille Signs come in various colors, sizes and styles to meet the needs of your business.  Clearly identify ADA entrances, wheelchair accessible rooms, exits, restrooms, and other rooms for the visually impaired with cost effective Braille signs.  If you need specific Braille sign clarification contact us or the National Braille Sign Association: .  For technical assistance on designing your own Braille signs, you can download the ADA Technical Assistance Manual at  .  For California’s specific requirements go to the California reference manual at  .  For further assistance with Braille sign questions, the following links may be helpful: ADA Accessibility Guidelines:   or the Braille Formats Certification: .  If you need specific legal direction contact the Dept of Justice at their ADA home page .  Other Braille sign resources include the National Braille Sign Association Forum:   where you could blog effectively for Braille sign matters.  If your Braille sign designer needs the approved Braille sign fonts, please visit:  where you can download Braille TrueType fonts.  For corporate donations contact the American Foundation for the Blind at  .

Other Resources:

National Braille Association:

ADA Technical Assistance Manual:

California access compliance reference manual:

ADA Accessibility Guidelines:

Braille Formats Certification:

Dept of Justice ADA Home Page:

List of Certified Braille Textbook Transcribers:

National Braille Association Forum:

Download Braille TrueType Fonts:

American Foundation for the Blind:


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